Our office complies, administers Town Planning applications. In most cases the majority of Commercial ventures are likely to require a Town Planning application.

New Homes, additions even front fences may require a planning permit pending the site locality and what Planning overlays may affect the site.

The majority of our work when dealing with Town Planning is the production of unit & apartment Planning applications.

When necessary and a particular project may have complex planning issues associated with them our office will engage a specialist Town Planner to assist in compiling & administrating a planning application or if necessary represent clients at VCAT. 

Over the years our office has established a reputation for quality & service.

We have over that time become affiliated with other professional services. We refer clients or coordinated these services with the confidence that the required outcome being successful will only compliment our work & reputation.

By organising all relevant services ensures that the documents produced are synchronised to avoid errors that may result with difficulties on site during construction.

Residential works features predominately in our office, Having in my youngers years worked in an extension building office I understand the nature of that business. Firstly to provide the best product & an competitive price. Basically innovative design & construction methods will generate a outstanding product. Each home has its own style and addition to it should not be compromised by short cuts. If you extend and do not invest wisely you endanger the value of your best financial assets. Ensure when extending that you not only compliment the design of your home, look for any opportunities to enhance it.

New homes we design to suit individual personal tastes & requirements. We specialise in ensuring we interpret the client's brief. The experience we have gained & exposure to all styles over the years is testimony to the design outcomes over the years.

When commissioning A Better Design for your next project small or large you will be exceptionally happy with our service & product. This will ensure that you would happy & confident to refer our services to your family & friends.