Generally we invite potential clients to contact our office and briefly discuss the scope of works intended. We may need to research any Planning controls and then we can provide a cost estimate on fees associated with project.

Once a new client appreciates the extent of services provided and determines they wish to commission our office we generally make an appointment to visit the site.

The initial drawing produced comes in a form of Sketch design. This document enables the client to view & assess the proposal. The design produced will meet the initial design criteria. This drawing will illustrate the aesthetic appeal & ensure the amenity sort after has been achieved.

The design in some occasions has a number of options which a client may choose from.

The drawing usually is forwarded to builders to verify the costs for construction. Sometimes once all the above has been considered, design changes / adjustments may be requested and provided at an hourly rate.  

Working Drawings are then produced which is what is submitted for Building permit.

Most projects requires a site investigation & measure. We are able to take levels on site to establish slope & topography of site. When levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD, levels above sea level) is required by council a Licenced Land Surveyor generally is required.

Services that A Better Design can organise:

  • Land Surveyor,
  • Soil Engineer,
  • Structural Engineer,
  • Energy Rater,
  • Landscape Architect,
  • Town Planner,
  • Building surveyors.

We provide services to a number of local builders which are always keen for referrals. I would be happy to introduce clients to builders.